About Us

SportsManiaUSA.com is the online store for the Sports Mania retail stores located at 1246 s 3rd Street, Jacksonville Beach, Fl. 32250 [904 242 0640] 




John Smith, the founder and CEO, has owned sports merchandise and sports fan gear stores for over 30 years. He has a very passionate and deep seeded love of sports, having been a quarterback for the Florida Gators. His football dreams were squashed with a game ending knee injury.  In recent years his son Mathew Smith has joined the management team and has been the guiding light for the on line development. 


Sports Mania Usa has the Detroit store, the Jacksonville Beach store, SportsManiUSA.com, SportsManiaUSA.org, and a large event staff. Our event side of the business is always where the fans are. The college World Series, major rivalry games like the Georgia Florida, the Super Bowl, the national title games and many of the regional NCAA football games.



Sports Mania USA is your go to store for all your licensed sports apparel,  We are the Sports Team headquarters. Find thousands of authentic items throughout our store with tons of new gear arriving daily.