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College World Series has History with Sports Mania USA


Sports Mania USA  has been satisfying College World Series fans for so long that we have vintage game gear for most of the past World Series Games.



The College World Series was first played in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1947. In 1950 the game moved to Omaha, Nebraska.


Sports Mania joins the College World Series in Omaha and has become the premier supplier of game gear. Our staff has been travels to Omaha and sets up right across from the stadium. Every year we see some of the same customers, who have become friends.  


The College World Series or CWS is an annual baseball tournament that determines the NCAA Division I baseball Championship. The tournament takes place in June of each year.


UCLA made history as the winner of the 2013 College World Series. "This is something," the athletic director said, "that we dreamed from the very beginning."


UCLA's John Savage did what any good coach does the day after his team won the national championship.


He started thinking about next year.


The 49-17 Bruins were the best team in the 2013 NCAA tournament, winning 10 straight games to become the third straight champion to sweep its way to a title. South Carolina in 2011 and Arizona in 2012 also needed the minimum 10 games to win their championships. will be there in 2014. Will you?



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